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Tohatsu R&D Center” Newly Opened.

Tohatsu R&D Center” Newly Opened.

Tohatsu Corporation has completed the construction of its research and development facility, Tohatsu R&D Center, on August 31 and has launched operations of the facility on September 3, 2018.

・Purpose of Tohatsu R&D Center

Tohatsu Corporation, aside from being the first to produce outboards in Japan in 1956, holds more than 50% of shares in domestic market for portable fire pumps. Tohatsu Corporation established the new R&D Center to integrate research activities for its marine and fire protection businesses, which to date have been conducted decentrally at its Engineering Department in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo and its plant in Komagane-shi , Nagano, in order to promote more efficient research and development activities.

Moreover, looking ahead to its 100th founding anniversary in 2022, the company aims to more swiftly develop technologies and offer products that cater to future needs of both domestic and overseas markets.

・Characteristics of Tohatsu R&D Center

Tohatsu R&D Center’s test facilities are designed in accordance with the features of outboards and portable fire pumps, the two main products of the company. Running  test facilities for outboards are equipped with a large-capacity circulating water tank to maintain stable operations during testing. They also include special facilities that allow using large quantities of water to accommodate product specifications, such as a 15-m-deep water tank for checking the capacity of fire protection pumps to discharge and absorb water. Facilities also include a thermostatic chamber for checking machine operation status under extremely low or high temperature environments. These wide-ranging test facilities enable performing important evaluation tests needed for complying with regulations and standards of different countries.

Tohatsu Corporation will continue to contribute to society by further reinforcing our technology development initiatives to bring about technological innovations through the Tohatsu R&D Center.

[Overview of Tohatsu R&D Center]
Location: 11 - 8, Ryoke 5 - Chome, Kawaguchi - shi , Saitama
Land area: 7,661 m 2
Total building area: 7,265.95 m 2 (floor area )
Total amount of investment: Approx. 5.5 billion yen
R&D personnel: 100
Start of construction: July 10, 2017
Date of completion: August 31, 2018
Start of operations: September 3, 2018

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 Research & Development Facility : Tohatsu R&D Center
Date of completion: August 31,2018
Start of operations: September 3,2018