Message from the President

To contribute for global customers

President Isami Hyuga
PresidentIsami Hyuga

We, Tohatsu Corporation, will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2022. Since our foundation, we have expanded both “Marine Business” and “Fire Protection Business” over decades, based on our philosophy of “social contribution”, and the constantly evolving engine technologies.

We have reached out to people all over the world to deliver our outboard motors and portable fire pumps, which we successfully developed and produced for the very first time in Japan. Also, we take a progressive approach to the environment protection with a pursuit for the sustainable society by developing the ecological products and technologies.

Due to the remarkable change in business trends today, the companies face the stage of disruptive innovation and diversification. We will make continuous effort to provide our service to those who believe in our products, by enhancing our solid network that we have built up in the whole world so far.