History of the Company

1922 / Apr Takata Motor Research Institute was founded by Masuzo Takata at 3 Maruya-cho, Kyobashi-ku, Tokyo (now Ginza 8-chome, Chuo-ku).
1923 / Sep Company office was relocated to 9 Komagome-akebono-cho, Hongo-ku (now Bunkyo-ku) following the Great Kanto Earthquake.
1925 / May Company name was changed to Takata Motor Enterprise and the office was moved to Minami-sakuma-cho 2-chome, Shiba-ku (now Minato-ku).
1925 / May New factory was established in Midori-cho 3-chome, Honjo-ku (now Sumida-ku).
1927 / Sep Japan’s first motor-driven railway car, the MF-70A was produced.
1927 / Sep Takata Motor Enterprise office was moved back to Komagome-akebono-cho, Hongo-ku.
1930 / Jun Tokyo factory was established in Osaki-cho.
1932 / Oct The company became a joint stock company and changed its name to Takata Motor Manufacturing Corporation.
1934 / Feb Tokyo factory was newly built and relocated to 5-23 Higashi-osaki, Shinagawa-ku.
1937 / Apr Factory was constructed at 1803 Shimura-cho (now Azusawa 3-chome), Itabashi-ku for the relocation of the Tokyo factory.
1939 / Jan Prince Asakanomiya visited the Tokyo factory to inspect production conditions.
1939 / Apr Company name was changed to Tokyo Hatsudoki Corporation.
1940 / Apr Deliveries to the military increased with the designation as a jointly controlled plant of the Army and Navy.
1944 New factory was established in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture with the expansion of the war.
1945 / Aug At the end of the war, orders to cease production were issued and the designation as a munitions company was annulled.
1947 / Mar The headquarters was relocated to Kyobashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku.
1949 / Oct Production of Japan’s first portable fire pump, the VC-50, began.
1950 The TFL motorcycle engine (78cc) was launched.
1952 / May The Puppy (58cc) motorized bicycle was launched.
1956 / Sep Production of outboard motor the OB (1.5-horsepower) began.
1964 / Feb The company applied for reorganization proceedings and filed for a temporary restraining order.
1968 / Jul The headquarters (2-11 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku) was moved to Azusawa 3-chome, Itabashi-ku.
1971 / Dec Application of the Corporate Reorganization Act was terminated.
1972 / Jun Company name was changed from Tokyo Hatsudoki Corporation to Tohatsu Corporation.
1982 / Jun Outboard motor the M70A was launched.
1988 / Feb Tohatsu Marine Corporation was established as a joint-venture company with Brunswick.
1990 / Feb Production and sales of outboard motor the M120A began.
1990 Production and sales of outboard motor the M140A began.
1990 / Aug Capital alliance was formed with Techno Kasei Ind. Corp.
1993 Center-console-type boat the TF-20 II was announced.
1998 Technical partnership agreement was concluded with Orbital Corporation for TLDI outboard motors.
2000 / Apr New headquarters building was completed.
2001 Portable fire pump the V20E (S) and portable fire pump for firefighting tournaments the VC72PRO were announced.
2002 / May Sales company Tohatsu America Corporation was established in the U.S.
2004 Portable fire pumps the VC72BS with an automatic water suction function and the VC85BS with the largest water discharge capacity of any domestic portable fire pump were announced.
2004 / Dec Tohatsu Marine Corporation ended production in Okaya.
2005 / Jan Tohatsu Marine Corporation moved its production base to Komagane.
2005 / Jun Sales of 4-stroke outboard motors the MFS25B and MFS30B began.
2006 / Mar Installation of company-wide optimization system (SAP’s ERP) was confirmed.
2007 / Jan Sales of portable fire pump the VF53AS began.
2007 / Aug Closing ceremony was held at the Tokyo factory.
2011 2-stroke outboard motors the MX Series were launched.
2013 / Jul OEM agreement was concluded with Honda Motor Co., Ltd. for Honda’s 4-stroke outboard motors with 60 horsepower or more.
2014 Outboard motors the MFS40/50A were announced and launched.
2014 Sales of amphibious vehicles began.
2016 / Apr Portable fire pump the VC72PRO III Limited was launched.
2017 / Sep New logo “Tohatsu Blue Wings,” and new tagline “Feel the Wind™” were formulated.
2018 / Aug The Tohatsu R&D Center was completed.
2018 / Sep OEM supply agreement was concluded for pleasure boats with Yanmar Marine System Co., Ltd.
2018 / Dec Sales of portable fire pump the VE90AS (Ti) began.
2019 / Apr Sale of boats the TF-23X/23Xα began.
2020 / Jun Sales of outboard motors the MFS75A, 90A, 100A, and 115A began.
2021 / Aug Production of outboard motor the MFS140A began.
2022 / Jan Centennial logo was announced.
2022 / Apr Celebrated the 100th anniversary.